Remembering that true love really does exist can be troublesome for most, but not for this couple. Mira and Viraj enjoy the simplicity of the world in each other. Taking the time out of their busy life and traveling up to Montreal, they made the decision to recommit to the love of their life.

After days of biking and enjoying fine cuisine the moment came to make their way to the top of Mont-Royal at sunrise. Exiting the Le St-James located in the heart of Old Montreal, they walked together hand and hand to renew their vows. As daylight broke over the enchanting city, the sun glistened in on the warmth of her smile and Mira began to speak. She challenged herself to recite the world of passion that fills her heart at the sound of Viraj’s name. That choosing to go to that long ago Sunday lunch was one of the best choices she had ever made. And the perfect way he chose to accept and embrace her and all that she is, is more than she could ever ask for. Swooned and in tears Viraj opened up. The sun had risen just a little bit more and lit up the ground like the fire in his heart. The truth seem to come easy as he encourage Mira’s independence and beautiful soul to shine brightly in their day to day life. He promised to be both her lover and friend as a good partner should always pledge to be.

It was clear to see that they are a wise couple. Their thoughtful vows spoke not only of their love for each other but also about welcoming the facts and faults that are sure to come with marriage. Facing the world together and promising never to look back. Marriage, just like life is a roller-coaster and they are in the seat together. It’s clear to see that the world is their playground and they know how to enjoy it. Intertwined and renewed in their troth of matrimony they started down the trail. As they headed towards their never-ending journey, it’s evident that these two were written in the stars.

Enjoy your playground Mira and Viraj!

— Erika Lynde | Wedding Emotion Team