The wild wedding of Sadia and Bernard and their journey to true love.

The fantasy wedding of Sadia and Bernard began on an adventurous day in the clouds. Bernard enticingly invited Sadia to her first ever sky jump. Risking adrenaline and emotions they were ready to take on the world together. So, they jumped, and where would you find a better place to propose? Bernard was first. Sadia was still in the air as he landed on one knee with some exciting word worth hearing. “Will you marry me?” he said with the biggest smile around. Filled with joy as she saw him there, the man of her dreams and feeling immortal, she said yes!

As time passed and they traveled the world, they found a new home in the heart of Australia. Bernard’s love for the ocean was prevalent, and what better way to live than surrounded by it on an island down under. Although happy in their new found home, coming back to their roots was must for the wedding. Everyone who’s ever planned a wedding knows how hectic it can be never mind across seas. But with the help of their friends and family, and their amazing home of Montreal their wedding day would become the stuff that dreams are made of. They were blessed to find an amazing reception hall, have live musicians, and of course the best photographers around. It was as if everyone had stopped to be at their service on their special day, so soon it was off to Canada to make it all happen!

By now it’s obvious that Sadia and Bernard are anything but dull. They’re full of life energetic spirits showed in every small detail of their amazing wedding. From the gorgeous matching mini coopers their wedding party drove in on site, to the bubble filled air that surrounded them after they said, “I do.” And the ceremony… It’s not common to hear a brother step up to recite “their own” specially written poem for a well-loved sister; with words so powerful it would move strangers to tears. But by far, the most earth-shattering emotions were said in their vows. A speech they spoke was clear to mean more than just words.

As the day went on it just kept getting better. Sadia surprised Bernard with his epic grooms gift, The La Ronde awaited their arrival for the photoshoot of a lifetime. A day at the amusement park was the perfect gift for their playful nature. It was as if royalty had stepped foot in the park and filled the place with a rare kind of romance. With the swirling rides alive around them, sweaty queues de castor, gaming machines, carting and enchanted laughter soaring through the air. It was as if time stood still in this heaven of theirs for everyone to see just what true love looks like.

Sadia and Bernard are truly soul mates of another kind, and we would all be so lucky to find a love as fun as theirs. We wish your childlike nature to never fade, and may your world be full of fondness as you grow old together with the love of your life.

Congrats Sadia and Bernard!

— Erika Lynde | Wedding Emotion Team

Reception: Le Challenger
Officiant: Me Rocco Dellerba
Florist: Fleuriste La Romaine
Videography: Wedding Emotion
Photography: 2 filles à la noce