Watching Stephane button his crisp white shirt and lace up his tie, it was clear to see this was a very important day. Gathered around his best men and family, nothing but joy seemed to fill his smile, this was the tux he choose wear on their wedding day. Facing the hotel mirror and adjusting his calla lily boutineer panic struck when the power went out. This seemed to have happened all over town. Frightened and praying both families were thinking the worst. Could this unfortunate turn of events have cost them their wedding?

Meanwhile at the same time, Christina’s glamour hours were spent reminiscing in a more familiar place. Making new memories in a home she knew well, her parents house. Her hair was done up with elegant flowing curls and pinned to the side with just the sweetest flower, almost as pretty as her. Christina’s great taste easily showed in her fragile beaded beauty of a gown and the simple pearls she choose to wear with it.

The bridesmaids were stunning in Christina’s something blue and clearly having a blast dancing and adjusting her ever-flowing dress. Thank you Montreal for getting the power back and running! With no time to waste they made their way now to St Mark’s church.

Walking through the blessed doors it was hard not to notice Stephane anxiously awaiting Christina presence. Ecstatic that the power outage we all encountered earlier didn’t ruin their wedding day bliss, the moment finally came. There were no words to describe the moment she arrived. A vision floating down the red-carpeted aisle, laced with white petals. The wooden pews cloaked in tulle, and green palms were truly sensational! Christina smiled arm and arm with her darling father and it was clear love was in the air. Their alluring Egyptian culture made an ordinary day seem extraordinary. Graced with crowns and exchanging vows, the heavy velvet shall was no comparison to the weight they seemed to feel in their hearts. Filled with devotion they slipped on their rings and said, “I do.”

Officially married and making their way to the Chaetau Royal for the celebration of them tying the knot, the reception was a dream come true. Vibrant hues of violets and blues burst through the doors as they made their entrance as husband and wife. The night was hopping as they raised the roof and raised their glass new found commitment. Christina and Stephane were smiling sharing their first dance. Taking in the very essence of what they envisioned. Everything was perfecrt: from the whimsical hanging fabric, to their surrounding family and friends. Enchanted by music, they took a moment to look in each other eyes. It was then you could tell they were dreaming of what’s to come in their future together.

Lets wish this majestic couple a world of happiness, love, and health.
Best wishes to newlyweds Stephane and Christina! Congrats!

— Erika Lynde | Wedding Emotion Team

Reception: Chaetau Royal
Ceremony: Saint Mark Church
Florist: Les Grands Jardins de Laval
Decorations: Nathan Wong & Casa D’Eramo
Bride’s Dress: France B.Pronuptia
Groom’s Suit: Classy Tuxedo
Photography: Alt Wedding Studio
Videography: Wedding Emotion