wwedding Emotion is the way of capturing your most brightest and remarkable wedding day emotions. Through video we transform experience into memory and do it with joy and fun. Videography for us is a philosophy and behavior. We believe it’s the most universal and one of the most creative instruments of capturing the present moment.  This philosophy became the main reason to start capturing someone else’s important moments. There are things in our life that are too important to miss or forget and wedding is a part of them.

Though videography is twice more complicated than photography, it is also twice more challenging and twice more exciting. Filming an event, especially once in a life time one, requires a lot of preparation and concentration nonetheless, at the end it’s worth it – you get untouched & undistorted emotions in real time. We don’t do reporting, we don’t film just to film – instead we build a story. All our wedding videos are like small movies with bride and groom in leading roles.
By choosing the name WEDDING EMOTION, we mean the real and pure emotions that are driven by love and happiness. And we believe that the wedding is the best place to look for them.


Wedding Emotion Team