Our dashing groom Alexander enlists the help of his parents and siblings as he prepares for his wedding in the heart of the French capital.

In a chic inner city hotel room, he slips on a crisp white Valentino shirt before affixing a pair of mottled cuff-links to his sleeves. Next he stops to set his watch, as a groom should never be late to his own wedding. Alexander pauses in front of the mirror for a quick once-over, his mother’s proud smile visible from her seat in the room behind him. It is with her help that the groom’s elegant purple tie is knotted before his father steps in to place it around his neck. Both father and son share an excited grin before Alexander puts on his jacket to complete the ensemble. With the Parisian skyline serving as a beautiful backdrop to the warm family setting, everyone is on hand to make sure our groom looks his best before going down to meet Tatiana, his future bride.

A destination wedding provides the perfect combination between old and new: while the setting is novel, the people you share it with are timeless.